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History in the making ...

The idea of creating a comedy musical based on flies dates back to the mid 90s.  Yes it’s taken this long to becoming an earnest project.

Originally called Flideas, a hybrid name combining words fly and ideas, the story is based on a fly with an idea about how to save his kin from the fatal effects of fly spray.  After public consultation, and further thought, I decided to call it simply, Fly Spray; more catchy, and easier to pronounce!

During lunch times and boring meetings at work, and moments of inspiration (sometimes in the middle of the night) over the years, I have collectively jotted down thoughts and ideas, all of which have contributed to the development of the musical story and all its characters.

Inspiration has come from a variety of sources; people I've worked with in private industry, some on which I've based the characters of Fly Spray, performing local amateur theatre, attending West End theatre, watching animated films, and travel experiences.

Born and bred in Australia, and like most antipodeans - I am well accustomed to flies, and have doubtless zapped one or two (… thousand) of them.  I think the original idea for the story emerged from a seed planted into my crazy mind during my childhood, and has grown, along with my warped sense of humour, and exposure to the wonderful world of theatre, to become the basis for a musical.

Cameron Roberts