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Dr. Cliff Ridé

Dr. Cliff Ridé    
Full Name: Doctor Cliff Ridé Sc.D.
Class: Calliphoridae
Traits: Arrogant, rich, blasé, large, socially inept

Dr. Ridé runs the show at his factory – a hideout for a laboratory where he is working on his latest idea … an antidote, dubbed FSA-12, for fly spray.  <Read more> ...

Upon reaching his goal to successfully develop and implement FSA-12, Dr. Ridé will become the greatest fly that ever lived. However his road to success is not without its obstacles. Dr. Ridé is unhappy, as is his lifelong partner Dippy. He has a tendency to sweep his personal woes 'under the carpet'. The Doc works late, in order to escape his domestic life. He is also battling an alcohol addiction, a means of distraction from his troubled private life, which puts him and his brainchild in a perilous position. The Doc, often misunderstood, has passion, drive and ambition. All those who surround him will have varying degrees of influence – alas, some unfavourably so, but he must make hard decisions along his rocky path in order to fulfil his goal, and become happy in his private life too.  <Read less>


Full Name: Ceri Dae (pron. Cherry Day)
Class: Acroceridae
Traits: Humble, geeky-looking, shy, perceptive.

As head technician, and the longest serving worker at the factory, Ceri has recently been assigned to work in confidence on Dr. Ridé’s mission. Since she was invited to embrace this role for the Doc, Ceri's fondness for Cliff has grown.  <Read more> ...

During her new and unimaginable journey, though Ceri finds it increasingly difficult to suppress her feelings towards the Doc, she utilises the art of discretion and perceptiveness to her advantage. Ceri senses when things aren’t quite right. She seems to know more about the Doc than he likely does of himself. Ceri is aware of the problems Dr. Ridé has with his life partner Dippy. She has always felt something for Dr. Ridé, but is shy, and has too much moral fibre to interfere with and change the couple’s fate. In spite of this however, her feelings and values will change. Ceri reaches the point where she feels enough is enough. She suspects that the Doc has been done over by a local pair of dodgy characters, and this is her cue to help him. Through risky actions, Ceri yields the desired results from her developing feelings for the Doc. Furthermore, she unknowingly paves the way to deliver Dr. Ridé’s salvation.  <Read less>


Full Name: Tephri Drosophila
Class: Tephritidae
Traits: Slim, well groomed, proud, conceited, insecure

Appearances can deceive, as is the case with Teph. Tho he means well, his perceived stability is easily derailed thru his own doing. Teph exudes self confidence, is generally fit in both mind and body, and whose only really true friend is Haus.  <Read more> ...

Subsequently the two of them are inseparable most of the time. Teph has considerably more influence than he intends on those who surround him, but in spite of his conceitedness, he somehow brings out the best in others’ characters.  <Read less>


Full Name: Haus Tabani
Class: Tabanidae
Traits: A gentle giant, a little goofy, but kind. Vulnerable.

A horse fly, hence a spin on his name, Haus is a gentle giant, but the type you still wouldn’t want to confront in a dark alley. He appears a little scary on the outside, but Haus's heart is in the right place – as is demonstrated thru his idiosyncratic friendship with Teph.  <Read more> ...

Equipped with a naturally protective instinct, Haus unintentionally woos Dippy, and this tests the Doc’s tolerance. However to add further confusion, Haus has feelings for another, which makes matters tricky, to say the least.  <Read less>


Full Name: Diptera May
Class: MayFly
Traits: Self-centred, manipulative, elitist

Dippy is self-absorbed, manipulative, and effortlessly fuels the demise of her longstanding relationship with partner Cliff. As a mayfly, she will not live long, which is why she behaves impetuously and is unrestrained in her actions.  <Read more> ...

Dippy’s ability to love is blurred and diminished, as she heads aimlessly in a turbulent direction. Meanwhile she is performing a lot of soul searching and may yet evade self destruction.  <Read less>


Full Name: Asil Brachycera
Class: Robber Fly
Traits: Unscrupulous, spy-like, incompassionate, ruthless.

Fluman is, put simply, bad news. He is a double agent who by chance, gains valuable information about the Dr. Ridé’s project, and exchanges it with his equally unscrupulous cohorts. Fluman is not nearly as clever as he thinks he is, and is taken advantage of on both sides of his treacherous and careless existence.  <Read more> ...

His alias name is a hybrid of flies and humans, the two entities that necessitate his calling, but are in direct conflict with one another. Fluman is a risk taker, he has little if any moral fibre, and will stop at nothing to get what he wants, or needs – in order to survive. He is insecure, and quite frankly not very good at his job. Though one may sympathise for such a character, the path he has decided to take is largely predisposed - one must therefore bear this in mind.  <Read less>

The Quartrix

The Quartrix    
Names: Ostenia, Halaiba, Enlinia & Pilbara
Class: Dolichopodidae
Traits: Long-legged, agile, sociable, perceptive females

The Quartrix (Q4) are an all-female quartet of long-legged flies who love to gossip, socialise & keep their ears close to the ground. A group of typical working class leggy females, with brilliant singing voices, the Q4 can move pretty well too!  <Read more> ...

One of The Quartrix' main duties is to narrate parts of the story, guiding the audience thru the plot. Narration will be served through dialog, but also through their musical numbers – at times unaccompanied. The four females, named Halaiba, Ostenia, Pilbara & Enlinia, integrate with the other characters in the ensemble, and are often considered the spokespersons of the factory's ground staff.  <Read less>


Full Name: Bibio Marci
Class: Bibionidae
Traits: Frivolous, capricious. Loves her veggies!

Bibi, as she prefers to be addressed, is a fly-by-night clairvoyant who claims to specialise in relationships. Though renowned for being a bit nuts, Bibi gets results.  <Read more> ...

Most of her clients are acquired by word-of-mouth referral. Bibi’s somewhat cameo role is important nonetheless, particularly for Dippy and Ceri.  <Read less>