The Cast Iron Group presents ...


  • Workshops

    It is hoped that workshops for
    Fly Spray will begin late 2025, early 2026

  • Production

    We're expecting that Fly Spray's debut stage production will occur during 2028

  • Watch this space

    For more news and information

The Story ...

The fly world is feeling more threatened of its existence than ever before.  Hope lies with Dr. Cliff Ridé, who is in charge of a neglected factory where his lab is based, along with disenchanted staff.  In his penultimate project, the Doc, assisted by the very dependable Ceri, is covertly developing an antidote to fly spray - the greatest cause of unnatural dipteran fatality.

Unfortunately, the Doc has a knack of intoxicating himself, and in so doing, he discloses a part of his project to an unscrupulous pair of frequenters during an evening down at his local drinking hole.  Information falls into the wrong hands and everything begins to spiral out of control.  Relationships are tested, trust is abused, and confusion and emotional turmoil is rife.

How will it all unfold?  With the help of the Quartrix, you will be guided in entertaining and humorous fashion through the journey Dr. Ridé, his adoring colleague Ceri and delusional life partner Dippy, the flighty Teph and Haus, the treacherous Fluman, and numerous other characters take in reaching the heroic end to this story.